Bates Method

The Bates System of Natural Eyesight Improvement

In the early decades of the twentieth century, American ophthalmologist, William H. Bates, invented his approach for protecting and perfecting eye health and visual function through natural means. In spite of vigorous attacks by medical forces (including optometry) that reject and ridicule Bates’ practices as unethical, dangerous and lacking scientific support the Bates Method is growing in popularity worldwide.

In 1972, I cured my myopia using Bates’ approach. Bates determined that myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus and ocular pathology result from chronic stress, anxiety and poor habits of use. His practices focus on developing inward awareness more like yoga, tai chi and meditation than on achieving strength and stamina through vigorous repetitive straining.

The PDF files here explain Bates’ basic practices such as palming, blinking and breathing, sunning, shifting and central fixation. Other articles will review recent cognitive and neuroscience research that provides a scientific rational and support for Bates’ ideas and practices.

Hints from Bates Students

Bates Fundamentals

Swinging O Chart

Bates Short Swing

Gottlieb PhD Dissertation

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