Functional Optometry & Rehabilitation


The Functional Optometry Approach

This optometric specialty (also known as developmental or behavioral optometry or neuro-optometric rehabilitation) helps people to straighten strabismic (“cross” or “wall”) eyes, reduce eye pain and distress, rehabilitate the after-effects of brain and emotional trauma, increase visual attention, movement, cognition and self-confidence to improve academic, social, executive and occupational performance. Functional optometry also aids already high-performing and professional athletes, musicians, dancers, actors and other performers to achieve at even higher levels. Vision therapy optometry applies information from neuroscience, psychology, biology, medicine, education, physical education, physical and occupational therapy, chemistry, physics, mathematics and the Asian healing arts.

The PDF files below show various of my exercises that I used to help my patients (along with the other approaches described here). Here are URLS for several optometric organizations where you can learn more and to find practitioners in your area.



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